SDS Management - Hazardous Materials Management Program

Everyone hates maintaining their Safety Data Sheets (SDS). It’s a burden!    MySDS is the SOLUTION.


Who provides MSDS sheets?

How do I manage my SDS sheets?

Where can I find safety data sheets? 

Where can I find MSDS sheets online?

What is the difference between MSDS and SDS?

How long do you need to keep SDS sheets?

At MySDS® Inc. we create a custom SDS library for each client, that can be job or site-specific and will include documentation from the original manufacturer and in our clients' preferred language(s), as available. We work with clients across North America and provide documentation in each country’s acceptable format and in compliance with the corresponding Occupational Health and Safety Standards. (Canadian Clients- Canadian documents and OHSA, US Clients – American Documents and OSHA).

At MySDS® Inc. we take pride in going above and beyond for our clients. Our educated and experienced search team does ALL the work for you – from the initial set-up of a client’s database - which can be site, job, or location-specific! – to maintaining and updating a client’s SDS files as needed.

Find your (M)SDS online, right when you need it! Your MSDS/SDSs will be accessible from your desktop computer as well as from your cell phone or tablet. At any time, in any place, you will have access to all the MySDS® information you need, and more!

We offer a variety of pricing options and services to accommodate small organizations with minimal waste, to large volume facilities. With a low base access fee paid monthly, the cost of usage is appropriately based on the volume of material, you have on-site.

The MySDS® Inc. team offers a service beyond SDS Management - because to us, being compliant is much more than just “ticking off the boxes”. With a MySDS log-in, every employee in a client’s business has access to not only the SDS library but also, the recommended First Aid Measures (FAM) and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) …in UNDER 15 SECONDS!

Other benefits of choosing MySDS for your Online SDS Management:

  • Workplace Safety Labels are available in 4 formats for every product in your library!
  • Our advanced search options allow you to search for an SDS in your library a multitude of ways, including by Hazard Pictogram, PPE Requirements, CAS#, Lab Storage Colour… and many more!
  • We don’t lock you into a contract!

SDS Management Clients

MySDS® manages a library with thousands of hazardous materials listed but it's customized specifically to your chemical inventory per site. We will provide all the SDS management documentation you require for companies such as:

WD-40, 3E, 3M, ACDelco, AGS, Air Gas, Air Liquide, AkzoNobel All Weather, Amercoat, Amstar, Anachemia, Arkema Fluorochemicals, Amrep, Arm & Hammer, Church & Dwight, Ansul, Ashland, Atlas Transbec, Atlas Copco, Atlas Screen Supply, Auto Body Master, Auto Value, Avex Electronics, Axchem, Barnes, Baroid Halibruton, B&B Chlorination, BDI, BEHR, Bell & MacKenzie, Belvedere, Benjamin Moore, Benzaco, Benzomatic, Worthington, Bestt Liebco, Better Than, BioSol Evergreen PrevaClean, Bissell, Black & Decker, BOC, Bostik Chempoint, BP Castrol, Braco Magic Safety Products, Brenntag, Bulldog, Burndy, Bushness Hoppe, BVA, CalGaz, Canadian Tire, Canon, Can-Ross,Cantol, Can-Vet, CarQuest, Cardinal Paints, Castrol, CAT, CAT Pumps, CEC Industries,CGC, CertainTeed, ChemAqua, Chemfax, Chemours, Chempliance, Chempoint, Chemtool, Chemtrade, Chevron, CIL, Class C, Cleaning, Clear Chem, Clorox, Cloverdale, Cobra, Colorworks, Complementary Coatings, Class C, Colgate, Comet Chemical, Compressed Air, Cocono Phillips, Continental, ContiTech, Cooper, Corotech, CPD Construction, Cromac, Dade Paper, DaLube, DAP, Daycon, DEB Group, Decon Labs, DEI Desing Engineering, Delkor Battery, Delphi, Devcon, DeWalt, Diversey, Dupont, Goodyear, INSL, Irving, ITW, Johnson & Johnson, SC Johnson, Dominon Sure Seal, Dow Corning, Drager, Draeger, DSI, Dupli-Color, Dustbane, Dynaflux, Dynatex, Elf Lubricants, ECHO, Elmer's, Empack Spraytech, EnerSys, Envirosafe Chemicals, EP Minerals Moltan, Epson, Equate, Esso Mobil Exxon, Even Cut, Evercoat, Evergreen, Exide Batteries, Falcon Safety, Fiebing, Fisher Scientific, Fleetrite, Ford Motorcraft, Forney, Fox Valley, FPPF Chemical, Fuchs Lubricants, FW1, Gare, Gasco, GE, GE Water, General Paints, Germiphene, GF Thompson, Glade, Glyptal, Glasgow Manufacturing, Glencore Xstrata, Glidden, Glue, Gm Holden, GOC, GOJO, Greensolve, Groeneveld Group, Grime Eater, GUNK, Hach, Hall Chem, Haliburton, Harris Products Group Hastings, Health Gard, HOme Depot, Hospeco, mymsds Henkel, Honeywell, Hi-Gear, Hilti, Hi-Tec Oils,Hobart, Home Hardware, HSI, Hoppe's Bushnell, ICI, International, Imperial Oil, Industrial Scientific, Innovative Company, INSL, IPS IPEX, Irwin Tools, ITW Adhesives, J. Des Serres Super Remover, JB Weld, J.C. Whitlam, Jennmar, Jergen's, Kao Chemicals, John Deere, Johnson Controls, Johnson Diversey, Kerneos Inc., Kester, Keystone Lubricants, KG Spray Pak, KIK, Kleen Flo, Krown, Krylon, KPG, LaMotte, Laser Products, Laurentide Auto, Lavo, Lawrason's, Lenox, LePage, Leysons, Lincoln Electric, Linde, Liquid Nails, Lloyds Laboratories, Loctite, Lowes, LPS, Lubecore, Lube Tech, Lubrication Tech, Lubriplate, Lysol, Marine, McAsphalt, Magic Safety Products, Magna Chemical, Magna Mag-Torch, MIT, M.I.T., Maryn International, Meguiar's, Merit, Miller Technologies, Millar, Minwax, Mobil, Moltan, Momentive, Mother's, Motomaster, Motrocraft, MSC, Mr. Clean, NAPA, Nelson Paint, Nexxtech, Nickel City Enterprise, NLS Products, Norseman Lubrication, North, Masks, Respirators, Wipes, North America Protective Coatings, Norton Merit, NorthStar Fluids, Norton, Oatey, Omni Speciality, Optima Batteries, Orica, Palm Olive, Para Paints, PDI, Professional Disposables, Paints, Parts Master, Perrigo, Permatex, Pennzoil, Petro Canada, Petron, Pfizer, P&G, Procter & Gamble, Philips Lighting, Phoenix Skin Care, Pitt Penn Oil, Plastikote, Playtex, PPG Amercoat, PPG Architectural Products, PPG Refinish Auto, PPG Marine Protective Coatings, Praxair, Prostar, Premier Tech, Prestone, Pro Form, Prolab, Pro Link, PT Technologies, Purdy, Pylam products, Pyrochem, Fire, Extinguishers, Quaker State, Radiator Specialty, Recochem, Reckitt, Red Stallion, Reliable, Reliable Clean, Ricca Chemical, Ricoh, Rochester Midland Corporation, Rocol, Rona, RSC, Rubberset, Rust Check, Rust-Oleum, Safecross, Safe Effects Advanced Braking, Safetec of America, MSDS Safety Kleen, Saint Gobain, Saint Gobain Abrasives, Saint Gobain Ceramic Materials, Saint Gobain Process Systems, MySDS.com Samsung, Sani-Marc, Savons Evy Inc., Sciencelab, Schwartz, Scotts, Sea Foam, Seymour Paints, SGA, Shell, Shell Omala, Shell Oil, Sherwin Williams, Shrader, Sika Canada, Silverwax Hygienex, Simoniz Cleaners, SOPUS, Soudotec, Sprayon, Spray Nine, Spectrum Chemical, Spectrum & Wilson, SpilKleen, SSP, Stanley, Staples, STIHL, Stoko, Sunlight, Swish Maintenance, SureColor, SureGro, Swepco, Tana, Tandy Leather, Tech International, Techspray, Tech Tire, Thermo Fisher, Thermo Scientific, Thermo Fisher Scientific, The Source, Titan Chemicals, Total, T&T Prism, Transbec Atlas, Tremclad, Tyco, UHU, Unilever, Unirex, United Abrasives, UNIVAL, Univar, U-POL, Uview, Valero Energy, Valspar, Valvoline, Veyance, Vi-Jon Incorporated, VIM, Viscosity Oil, Volvo, Vulsay, Wakefield, Walmart, Walter Surface Technologies, Warren Oil, Warren Parts Master, Waterbury, WASIP, WAT Supplies, Westers UPS, Western Petro, White Lightning, Wilson, W.M. Barr, Wood-Wyant, Woolite, Worx Cleaning, Xerox, Zep.  GHS - Globally Harmonized System Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) now known as Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

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