Food and Hospitality SDS Compliance Protocols

The food and hospitality industry is busy and fast-paced. With not only staff relying on accurate health and safety procedures but also the customers being served. Knowing which products are safe for food prep areas, what is flammable and cannot be around a lit element, and proper ventilation requirements, are all areas of SDS compliance that can be easily overlooked. This is an industry that would find it difficult to keep a hard copy SDS Library readily available and up to date.

SDS Compliance in the Hospitality Industry

The food and hospitality industry is not often the first thought when you think of working in a dangerous field. However, working with hazardous materials can make ANY workplace dangerous. To keep SDS compliance in your workplace, it is imperative that every staff member is aware of the potential dangers they can face. Our article, ‘When Cleaning Kills’, sheds light on one dangerous possibility this industry can face, following the occurrence of a tragic event in a popular chain restaurant.


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