SDS Management System for Transporting Hazardous Materials

Whether transporting passengers or goods, the transportation industry relies on the use of hazardous materials to run their mode of transport. Though electric and hybrid vehicles are becoming more popular, for the majority of road, rail, marine and air transport, fuel is still their main source of power. Spending most of their time in travel makes maintaining an SDS library difficult for transportation staff. Using an online SDS management system gives staff some peace of mind, knowing the information they need is there when they need it.

Safety Data Sheets, UN Numbers, TDG information at your Finger Tips!

TDG or the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act was implemented in 1992 and is a requirement for those working in the transportation industry – more specifically that transport dangerous goods for the use of import, transport, and handling. This SDS management system training will ensure the employee is familiar with the hazardous product(s), and what to do to ensure safe handling, proper storage, and signage requirements are followed. And the required procedures in the case of a spill or other emergency.   TDG Training must be updated per employer every 36 months.

Related - Waste Transportation requires that the employee(s) take a mandatory training course called C-12, in regard to the EPA, Environmental Protection Act, Regulation 347. MySDS® Inc. offers both an in-person and instructor-led training for this service.


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