Industries That Benefit From Our Online SDS Software:

At MySDS, our SDS software does all of the work. Searching, Updating, Uploading, Maintaining. Keeping Your Company 100% COMPLIANT. 

No matter what type of business, our SDS software can accompany the compliance needs of your business.

You NEED an online SDS software (Safety Data Sheet Management System) for your Chemicals and Hazardous Materials 

to keep your business safe and compliant to health standards, give us a call today.

Were you aware that as an Employer you are responsible to, not only provide WHMIS training and annual reviews for your employees, 

but you must Educate them on each and every chemical product / hazardous material that they HANDLE or may be EXPOSED to?

MySDS will help to identify your High-Risk Workers. 

In an instant, you will have the information you require to reduce RISK, avoid incidents and accidents by improving your Chemical Safety, Hazardous Materials Management Education & Training Program


  1. Be Preventative. 
  2. Eliminate the Risk of Exposure. 
  3. Make your Environment SAFE.

Each Province varies.  For reference, see related Regulations for Ontario, 

Part III: Duties of employers and other persons


Occupational Health and Safety Act, R.S.O. 1990, c. O.1


Proudly: Canadian Owned and Operated

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The location of construction sites is ever-changing, completing a job on one worksite and moving on to the next, or at times working multiple sites...

Food and Hospitality

The food and hospitality industry is busy and fast-paced. With not only staff relying on accurate health and safety procedures but also the customers...

Health Care

The health care industry relies on chemicals unlike any other.


The manufacturing industry produces more than just the final product.

Oil and Gas

At MySDS® Inc. we know these industries can also be some of the most dangerous.

Mining and Forestry

MySDS® was created in Sudbury, Ontario, a mining town known as “The Nickel Capital of the World”.


With research continuously discovering different hazards in everyday products, the retail industry has quite the challenge in compliance.

Transportation - Hazardous Materials Management 

Whether transporting passengers or goods, the transportation industry relies on the use of hazardous materials to run their mode of transport.


Our lives are fast-paced and ever-changing, with new technology consistently altering the way we do things.

Education and Laboratories

With the knowledge of how many people can be in and out of classrooms daily, as well as knowing those using the hazardous materials in school laboratories.

Municipalities & Government Organizations

MySDS Inc. is a Canadian owned and operated Safety Data Sheet (M/SDS) Management System (Library) business based in Sudbury, Ontario. Unique sole source