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We are specialized in providing (MSDS SDS) Safety Data Sheet Management Library Compliance Services in compliance with the Occupational Health & Safety Standards (OHSA) in North America.

MSDS SDS Acquisition \ Obtainment: We do the searching for clients' various (M)SDSs and obtain the latest SDS / MSDS's directly from the Manufacturers and the distributors/suppliers. Once the MSDS or SDS is retrieved, we upload it into the client's personal account. We work on a requirement generated by the client provided MSDS/SDS Safety Data Sheet list or chemical inventory. To ensure that our clients always have the latest revision, we also provide maintenance services as well as updating the entire MSDS and SDS database as an ongoing service. We follow web search, Online Request Form, FAX Request & phone calls to source SDS MSDSs Safety Data Sheets with the help of our well-trained search team. An online SDS library management software system that allows your employees to concentrate on what they do best and allow MySDS to manage the safety data sheets and keep your company in compliance with WHMIS 1988, WHMIS 2015 GHS.

Additional Services: In addition to the above services we are experts in Chemical Inventory and Safety Auditing procedures. Indexing services in any number of fields such as SDS MSDS #, Manufacturer Name, Product Name, Revision Date, Components, CAS #, Ingredients Percentages, Product Code, Locations, Regulatory Details (WHMIS, OHSA, GHS, NFPA, HMIS).

Why Choose MySDS Inc's SDS Management Online Software System

  • MySDS employees are experienced and trained in all aspects of Material Safety Data Sheets soon to be Safety Data Sheets. They fully understand the WHMIS 1988 Regulation (Reg. 860) as well as WHMIS 2015 (GHS).
  • MySDS employees attend regular professional development programs to ensure that they are current in all standards and regulations.
  • MySDS does all of the work. Searching, Updating, Uploading, Maintaining. Keeping Your Company 100% COMPLIANT
  • It's a benefit - SAVE Time and Money, over your existing system.
  • Safety features allow you a "Quickview" of PPE, First Aid and TDG.

We are happy to hear about your company and your services and we are looking forward to participating in your work towards your company's compliance with our SDS management online software system, please let us know and we would be happy to take the weight off of your shoulders. We will maintain your compliance and be sure that your records are kept accurately.

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