MySDS - Safety Data Sheet Management WHMIS Compliance Sudbury Ontario Canada

MySDS provides unique services to Municipalities & the Businesses that Serve Them!  

MySDS is a Municipal Expert & Unique Sole Source Innovative Service Provider for the management and organization of your Safety Data Sheets.

#1 in CANADA SDS Services

To the best of our knowledge - MySDS:

  • is the only system that truly does all of the work saving your company/munipality thousands of dollars a year in managing SDSs
    • i.e. depending on wages/benefits and # of products across all sites: $30,000 - $60,000 in savings to be WHMIS compliant.
    • helps municipalities save time and money
    • does all of the searching for the accurate and compliant safety data sheet for all municipal products
  • is a proud Canadian corporation providing ‘Canadian’ documentation when available 
  • provides a municpality the opportunity to have the most organized SDS library - all sites under one account. Managed, organized and continually updated by a Team - knowledgeable in hazardous materials.
  • provides First Aid Measures within 15 seconds of login – to our knowledge, there isn’t another company that even provides the FAM in our format or in a user friendly manner
  • provides PPE documentation for Product Specific Education records – to our knowledge there isn’t another company that provides this
  • is the only company that provides Advanced Search - finite details and vital information giving your company the opportunity to improve your WHMIS Education and Safety Program & OHSA compliance by 100%!!
    • Within 15 seconds
      • Identifies flammable products within seconds so you know what has to be stored in a flam cabinet
      • Identifies your most hazardous products.  i.e. Designated Substances, Signal Word - Danger, or Pictogram – Harmful, etc.
      • CAS#, DIN, NPN and more!
  • is the most User Friendly system – more intuitive than any other SDS library, faster than any other SDS management system – i.e. search capabilities almost as good as Google
  • offers personalization beyond any other system capabilities – i.e. breakdown by location, site, dept., project, etc.
  • offers the ability to add Key Words – to our knowledge no other system provides this features i.e. allowing you to add codes for projects, etc.
  • can create a unique account for your ‘Experimental’ chemicals – to our knowledge this is not available with other systems.
  • offers ‘remote user’ bulk downloads to save digital SDS PDFs on tablets while they have internet prior to going to a remote area – at no additional charge.
  • No hidden costs – our understanding is that all other systems upcharge for features/benefits that we offer for FREE
  • FREE access to ALL employees – chargeable with other systems
  • Unlimited Administrators – chargeable with other systems

MySDS is GUARANTEED to cost less, we are usually less than ½ the cost of any other comparable system, and MySDS provides more than twice the benefits.

We look forward to working with you toward your WHMIS & OHSA compliance goals.


Proudly: Canadian Owned and Operated

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