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Sofvie is a collaborative intelligence platform developed to give everyone a voice and to centralize information and communication across every level of the organization. The goal is to send everyone home safe and sound at the end of each and every day. The additional transformative results are an enhanced culture of enthusiasm and productivity, more efficient uses of time and energy, streamlined compliance, and a proactive approach to safety.

Tested and proven by front line workers and safety professionals, Sofvie offers:

  • Collaborative Intelligence
  • Software and Hardware Integration Solutions
  • Online & Offline Data Collection
  • Records Management
  • Live Field Insight
  • Incident and hazard management
  • Planning and risk management
  • Advanced Analytics
  • and much more

Integrating Sofvie with MySDS is a natural fit. Providing direct access to data delivers real-time insights to critical information and allows users to trigger, track, and recall actions in a centralized and easy format for all to leverage.

Together, MySDS and Sofvie are the catalysts your safety framework has been waiting for.
Put your health and safety framework in action today!

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