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June 7, 2018

Compliance Training, what is it?

There are many areas that require compliance so it isn’t specific to any one area of training.

If there are regulations or standards to be followed and a governing party, then the training is referred to as ‘compliance training’.

Of course, compliance training protects the company and the employees , and safety is everyone’s goal.

MySDS Inc. specializes in Hazardous Materials Management and Chemical Safety.

Compliance for us means understanding what your company is storing and handling on a daily basis.

  • Education refers to general or portable information such as how WHMIS works and the hazards of the products. For example, you will learn about the hazard classes (e.g., why a product is called a corrosive, and what information you can find on labels and SDSs). CCOHS
  • Training refers to the site- and job-specific information to employees that will cover your workplace's procedures for storage, handling, use, disposal, emergencies, spills, and what to do in unusual situations. CCOHS

Your employee WHMIS training program requires an annual review. WHMIS training sessions, should be provided any time there is a new product or product procedure, change. MySDS Inc. can provide your company with a specialized WHMIS 2015 GHS training program accessible through the MySDS.ca site. We also provide instructor led and train-the-trainer courses.

WHMIS education is also required for hazardous products that workers work with, or for products that workers may be exposed to at work. Certain products in your workplace will require specialized training related to the safe use and handling of the product. This specialized training should be based on the product Safety Data Sheet and provided to anyone who requires it.

The WHMIS education program consists of more than just the training required. WHMIS posters, reminders and safety slogans should be utilized in your workplace to serve as reminders and educational tools to assist the employee in making the right decision when using and handling chemicals.

It’s not about making it safer...it’s about making it safe!